San Francisco, CA – 50 years ago, in a church near San Francisco Bay, Edwin Hawkins recorded “Oh Happy Day” – the song that has become one of Gospel’s all time favorites.

Today, top Music Producer Narada Michael Walden joins with Rusty Watson, Edwin Hawkins’ 25+ year Music Director, in the work of honoring this great song on its 50th anniversary. Together, they return to church, with Narada‘s Great Gospel Show, to perfect a beautifully crafted rendition of this popular inspirational song.  Narada’s contemporary arrangement captures all the love and musical healing power of the original while presenting a deliberate take driving relevance for today.

Based on a Protestant hymn, dating back to 1755, Oh Happy Day was recorded in church, with a choir, by Edwin Hawkins, in hopes of raising funds to help the church’s youth choir attend a conference. The song quickly found audiences on the West Coast, as a San Francisco DJ began playing the song, and, soon after, caught fire on pop radio stations coast-to-coast climbing to #4 on the Billboard Pop Chart.

The 2018 version, featuring vocals from Rusty Watson and a today rhythm presented by world-acclaimed drummer/arranger Narada Michael Walden, also adds the beautifully orchestrated Narada’s Great Gospel Choir, delivering the song’s powerful message with emotional impact that is the hallmark of Narada’s work as a top Music Producer.

Today’s “Oh Happy Day” finds the path of the original – debuting on Bay area Radio – on Gospel Spotlight on KDYA 1190 AM “The Light”, Northern California’s home for Gospel music for 20+ years, while reaching for wider appeal on release nationally on Friday, September 21st.

Narada’s Great Gospel Show pulls the Bay Area’s “Best of the Gospel Best” to celebrate one of our time’s favorite songs.  Following a beautiful SRO 50th Anniversary Concert, taped for national TV/Film, in the intimate and lovely St. Brendan’s Church, downtown San Francisco, the show stepped into world-famous Tarpan Studios, dubbed “Motown of Marin”, to celebrate chart-topping pop Gospel favorites like Edwin Hawkins’ “Oh Happy Day!” and the iconic Top 40 hit “Get Together” made famous by Jesse Colin Young and his band, The Youngbloods.

Narada adds, “We Hope to inspire the hearts of our Nation and World with Pure Divine Love, Devotion and Surrender to the Supreme Being, God our Creator.”

Listen up – Great Gospel is headed your way!

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